The Best Gift Ideas for Organic Lovers

Thankfully, as the demand for organic products has increased, so have the number of options for organic gift ideas! Not only have new companies sprung up that sell only organic, many well-established companies have devoted space to a line of organic products.

It’s easier than ever to find great gifts for organic lovers. Whether you are looking for the best organic food gifts, or other gift ideas, you will be able to find a wide selection to choose from. The important factor is to match the preferences of your gift recipient. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for organic lovers!

Organic Fruit
An organic fruit basket is, not surprisingly, one of our top gifts for organic food lovers. It looks beautiful and tastes good! And your gift recipient will appreciate the extra care you took to send an organic fruit basket. Organic fruit is more expensive than conventionally grown fruit, but when it’s better for the environment, healthier to eat, and tastes better too, it’s worth it!

Organic Chocolate
Organic food lovers don’t have to say “no” to chocolates! There is a myriad of organic chocolate makers in the market now. Just look at the chocolate displays in your local natural food store and you will be overwhelmed by all of the choices.

Organic Chocolate Bar

This luscious organic chocolate bar is 72% cacao and a very healthy choice!

A lovely organic food gift idea is to collect an assortment of organic chocolate bars: milk chocolate; dark chocolate with a range of percentages of cacao (i.e. 35% to 85% which, by the way, tells you the relative amount of cacao to sugar – the higher the cacao content, the healthier it is to eat); chocolates that are single source; chocolates that have unusual ingredients added such as lavender, chili pepper, ginger, and nuts and berries for example.

It’s fun to try new chocolates, because you never know when you might just find the next best thing! We love the organic chocolate bars made by Caco Prieto in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The cool designs on the wrappers make the bars look particularly gifty.

Organic Coffee & Tea
For the coffee and tea lover, think about giving a gift of organic coffees or teas.

Bellocq Organic Tea

Bellocq’s packaging is reminiscent of that used by an old-time apothecary.

Similar to the situation with organic chocolates, there are so many choices nowadays. There are companies that sell only organic coffee and tea, and others that sell both conventionally grown and organically grown products. At specialty tea ateliers you can find exotic blends of organic teas and botanicals from around the world like this organic High Mountain Oolong Green Tea from Bellocq.

Espresso bars aren’t just serving coffee anymore, they are blending and brewing the coffee beans they carefully source with the precision of science and the magic of art. If your local espresso bar doesn’t offer an organic option, there are plenty of companies you can find online that are happy to ship. A lovely organic gift idea for coffee aficionados.

Organic Cheeses
There are several mass market organic cheese brands that are readily recognizable in your supermarket cheese case, but finding certified organic cheeses made by small farmsteads are harder to come by. Small batch cheese-makers pride themselves on producing the tastiest cheeses while adhering to the strict criteria required to be labeled organic.

Organic Cheese Basket

This organic cheese basket is the complete organic food lovers gift with one of our favorites, Tarentaise.

It is an expensive, time-consuming process that takes at least three years and is difficult to maintain, and many small farms simply don’t have the resources to get through the process.

One of our favorite organic cheeses is the grassy, nutty-flavored Tarentaise from Thistle Hill Farm in Vermont. We pair it with organic fruit and other assorted organic treats for a totally organic experience!

Organic Wines
While not as ubiquitous as organic fruits, or organic coffee and teas, organic and biodynamic wines are becoming easier to find and this makes a thoughtful organic food gift for the oenophile who wants to drink pesticide-free. Have you noticed that more and more restaurants are adding a few organic selections to their wine lists?

That’s because more and more people are requesting it. Organic wine produced in the United States does not contain added sulfites typically used in the winemaking process, and taste may be sacrificed as a result. Some wines labeled as organic and produced outside of the United States do contain sulfites. They may taste better, but the additives may not meet the definition of “organic”.

Think about pairing a farmstead organic cheese gift with an organic wine for the best organic food gift imaginable!

Organic Make-Up, Skin, & Hair Products
Not all of our best gift ideas for organic lovers are food-related. If you are giving a gift to someone who likes living organic, consider organic products for skin, hair, and make-up. Just stroll down the Beauty, Bath, & Body aisle of your neighborhood health food store or natural apothecary and you will see that there are so many products that we use every day that can now be found in organic versions.

Think soaps, shampoos and conditioners, facial cleansers, massage oils, bath gels and bubbles, moisturizers, lipsticks and mascaras just to name a few. Organic lovers usually like putting organic food into their bodies and organic products onto their bodies!

Organic Clothing
Certified organic cotton is made from cotton plants that grow with no pesticides, herbicides or non-natural fertilizers for at least three years and use no chemical dyes or fabric “finishings” that may negatively affect the environment or irritate your skin.

Organic cotton bathrobes and tee shirts are easy to fit a variety of body types and are always welcomed gifts. An especially thoughtful gift for organic lovers who are new parents are baby clothes and soft toys made from organic cotton. You aren’t limited to cotton in your organic clothing gift choices. You can also find clothing in organic silk, knits, wool and cashmere.

Organic Sheets, Towels, & Decorative Pillows
If your gift recipient loves organic food and organic fabric, then they will love receiving a set of organic fabric sheets and/or towels – even accent cushions for the bed or sofa. Consider environmentally friendly organic bamboo or luxurious organic silk. Organic fabrics cost more, but your gift will show that you acknowledge their preferences. Make sure the labels say Certified Organic.

Sustainably Sourced Wood Products
It’s quite heartening to see that there are companies making beautifully hand-crafted wooden products for the home using reclaimed wood or wood from trees grown and harvested in sustainable forests. Wooden cutting boards, bowls, serving spoons, salad sets, and even photo frames (if anyone actually prints out photographs anymore — I think I’m one of the last hold-outs!) are great gifts for anyone who loves organic products.

Products come with tags that fully detail the source of the wood used. Organic lovers will definitely appreciate that.

There is an organic movement going on! To learn more about the organic certification process and other topics interesting to the organic lover, check out

7 Essential Items to Include in Your Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Mother’s Day only comes once a year so it’s important to make your Mom’s gift extra special. We make it easy by offering a selection of gifts that combine many of what we believe to be the key ingredients to a spectacular Mother’s Day gift basket. Here’s our list of the top 7 essential components to a perfect Mother’s Day gift basket.

#1. Flowers
Nothing says “Mother’s Day” like a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the hues of spring. Pastels are de rigueur: think baby pink, peachy yellow, pale orange, or dusty rose. For our Mother’s Day gifts this year, we selected three varieties of gorgeous pastel peach colored roses: Big Fun, a real performer with bi-color peach hues and a splash of pink inside the petals, and two types of garden roses: Old Peach Garden in the most delicate shade of cantaloupe, and Peach Campunulla, the same tone as Old Peach Garden but with ruffling on the petals. All grown for the purpose of making Mom smile with delight!

Mothers Day Gift Baskets_Instant Happy

#2. Chocolate
Moms expect to be indulged on Mother’s Day, so chocolates are always a key element to a Mother’s Day gift basket. So many decadent ways to make her feel that she is special!
Hand-made chocolates filled with exquisitely flavored cream ganaches, delicate salted caramel chocolates, and chocolate-dipped toffees. Our exquisite Jewel Box Bon Bons by “Stick With Me” are extra special for Mom because each delectable piece looks like a little gem! If you can’t buy her a real ruby or sapphire, these bon bons are an affordable and delicious alternative.

Jewel Box Bon Bons

#3. Tea & Scones
There is nothing like a gift of brewed tea and fresh scones to make a Mom feel cosseted. And that’s the point, isn’t it? Join her if you can and share a proper English afternoon tea on Mother’s Day. You can provide all the ingredients to prepare a beloved English tradition with our Proper Tea & Scones gift. Start with a most deliciously fragrant loose leaf tea blended with rose and lavender by Bellocq Tea in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This tea is aptly named “The Queen’s Guard”, to celebrate regal Moms across the country! To complement the flowery aromas and flavors of the tea, we chose apricot ginger pistachio scones made by our favorite local bakery, Sweetleaf, here in Long Island City. These generously sized scones are rich and buttery with a perfect balance of spicy and sweet. With a jar of delicate wildflower honey collected from the Catskill Mountains by Catskill Provisions, a lovely little antique brass tea strainer and tea filters, Mom will be ready to enjoy teatime.Proper Team & Scones for Mother's Day

#4. Cookies
Delicate and flaky cookies are another essential component to your Mother’s Day gift basket. Remind Mom that she is un-mistakenly the BEST with these hand-iced Best Mom cookies made by Duane Park Patisserie. The sweet trio spells out M-O-M in big letters that express your largesse. Include them in a gift basket of fresh fruit or with flowers and chocolate. These cookies speak the sentiment!

Best Mom Cookies

#5. Petit Fours
We can’t resist petit-fours for Mother’s Day gift baskets — they are so pretty and refined — and your Mom won’t be able to resist the charm of these little cakes either. Hand-layered and iced in a pastel Spring palette by the wizard bakers at Duane Park Patisserie. Gently arranged like flowers in a window box, these delectable treats will make your Mom feel as elegant as they look.

Petit Fours Mothers Day

#6. Chocolate Fondue
We’ve already cited chocolate as one of our top 7 essential items to include in your Mother’s Day gift basket, but hey, chocolate deserves to be mentioned twice! Chocolate comes in many forms, and fondue is a really fun and social way to enjoy the dark and creamy sweetness of chocolate. We could probably all agree that chocolate tastes great on just about anything — but especially yummy on fresh fruit and dried fruit, plain biscotti and crystallized ginger. Our chocolate fondue gifts are like a party in a basket! Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day by presenting her with a new way to enjoy chocolate!

Chocolate Fondue Gift Basket

#7. Something Personal
The last essential item to include in the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket is perhaps the most important. Put something of yourself in the gift. It can be as simple as a really personal note to your Mom. Open your heart and find the words to tell her how much she means to you the whole year through. Remind her of a memorable day you spent together in the past. Write about a time when she made you laugh or a time when she dried your tears. Or spend some time looking through old photographs and find a good one of the two of you to frame for her.

Mother’s Day is all about making your Mom feel spoiled, pampered, special, loved, appreciated, and indulged. Mother’s Day gift baskets should include ingredients that will make her feel just that way! Whatever you do for you Mom, be sure to make a fuss.


Why the Gift Basket is the New ‘Thank You’ Note

Sending a “Thank You” note is a great thing. No doubt. We wish that more people took the time to put a pen to paper and write a thank you note, even a short one. A hand written thank you note is qualitatively better than an email and hands down better than just verbal thanks.

Even better than a thank you note is a thoughtful Thank You gift that will both surprise and delight the person you want to thank. So if you want to raise the bar and say ‘Thank You’ in the most memorable way possible, consider sending a gift basket with your thank you note.

Personalizing Your Thank You Gift Basket
The best gifts, thank you gifts included, are matched to the recipient’s particular interests and tastes, and also to how well you know them. The more you know about the recipient, the more specific the gift you can send. The goal is to send a gift that will be sure to please. The gift basket thank you note should also be tailored to the relationship you have with that person and to the specific reason for the thank you.

Send What Your Recipient Loves

Chocolate Lovers Basket_Manhattan Fruitier

We love this Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket – the perfect way to say thanks to anyone with a sweet tooth on your list!

When choosing a gift basket, be sure you really dig deep and consider what the recipient truly loves. Chocolate Lover? By all means send a chocolate gift basket like the one featured here as a token of your appreciation. Just look at all those chocolate-based ingredients! Yum!

Your thoughtfulness will really be appreciated when you send a thank you gift basket that matches a person’s dietary restrictions or preferences. If you know someone is kosher, then of course you will want to send a kosher gift basket. If you know someone is vegan, you aren’t going to send a basket with prosciutto and Parmigiano!

Strictly Vegan Gift Basket

Tip: Keep dietary restrictions in mind when sending a thoughtful thank you gift.

Think of a gift that shows your friend or colleague how well you know them. Many people adhere to special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, heart-healthy, low Glycemic, low carb and Mediterranean. And there are gift baskets to suit every persuasion, such as the vegan gift basket below.

Send What You Love
Sometimes you’ve discovered something so fabulous that you want to share it with friends. You know them well enough that you’re fairly certain that they’ll love it too. So, the next time you want to thank your neighbors for bringing in your mail, why not send them a thank you gift basket full of goodies that you love. In your thank you message, you’ll want to describe what you love about the gift and why you think they will find it irresistible too!

Thank You Gifts that Satisfy All Tastes
Sometimes you will want to say thank you to a business colleague who referred a new client to you, for example, but you don’t know about her personal interests or tastes. A fresh fruit or fresh and dried fruit basket will please every palate and make a universally good gift basket to say ‘Thank You’, especially when the contents are of the highest quality and are stylishly arranged. Your gift basket thank you note will also be appropriately formal.

Healthy Pop Up Party Gift Basket

A snack gift basket is a perfect thank you gift for a group – family or office. Try this healthy and tasty Pop Up Party basket.

When sending a thank you gift to a family or an office, you can’t go wrong with a fun basket filled with lots of treats and snacks. Everyone has different tastes and variety is the best approach in this particular situation. Think about finding a gift with products that are easy to share: that can be put in an office lunchroom or in the family room in front of the TV.
Building Your Own Gift Basket
There are endless ways to create your own gift. You can buy a container and shop for the ingredients yourself. Think about going to your local farmer’s market and selecting a fresh, locally baked bread, an artisanal butter, fresh herbs and flowers to arrange in a basket.

Custom Cookbook Gift Basket

Custom gift idea with a cookbook and recipe ingredients.

Or buy a copy of your favorite recipe book and include all the ingredients to make your favorite meal. Perhaps you have a favorite line of beauty care products that you want to share with a friend as a thank you.

Designing your own gift baskets to say ‘Thank You’ involves time on your end, but the care you put into the gift basket will shine through and make your recipient feel even more appreciated.

Build Your Own Gift Basket

Build Your Own Basket (BYOB) with Manhattan Fruitier.

Those gifts can be amazingly successful, but they take time to assemble, and you can have trouble shipping them if your recipient isn’t nearby.

Another option for a custom thank you gift is to shop at an online store that offers customizable gifts. Here’s an example of our build your own basket (BYOB) which allows the shopper to select fresh fruits and sweet and savory additions from a list of options.

Tips for Writing Gift Basket Thank You Notes
Any gift basket, of course, will be accompanied by a thank you note. And just because you are sending a thank you gift, it doesn’t mean you can blow off the note attached to it!

There are some tips to writing good thank you notes. First and foremost, keep the sentiment appropriate to the situation. You’ll want to be more formal with colleagues that you don’t know well, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cold and impersonal. Obviously, you can be goofier or more casual with good friends.

The first key point is to be sincere. If you are sending a thank you gift, and not just a quick email note, then you must be feeling genuinely grateful. Be sure that your appreciation is communicated in your words. Secondly, be careful to address the note appropriately: using first names in the salutation is not always proper. Make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

The body of the thank you note doesn’t need to be long, but it does need to be as specific as possible. If there is an identifiable deed, act or accomplishment that deserves a ‘Thank You’, make sure you mention it in your gift basket thank you note.

Otherwise, your recipient may wonder whether you really know what they did! Sometimes your thank you gift won’t be attributed to any specific reason so your thank you note can express a more general sentiment such as “Thank you for all you’ve done for me this year!”

Finally, do carefully consider the closing or valediction when writing your gift basket thank you note. “Sincerely”, “With Gratitude”, and “With Thanks” always work in a thank you note, especially with business associates. These are formal, but expressing the sentiment perfectly. With friends you can be as informal as you like. But do be sure to communicate your true appreciation.

The New Thank You Note
A thank you gift basket isn’t necessarily about sending something that someone needs. It’s about sending something a person will enjoy. Whether you make it yourself, customize it, or select it from a collection, we can’t think of a gift better than a basket filled with beautiful, delicious, fresh, and nourishing treats. Your gift basket will say thank you in an unforgettable way and will take your thank you note to new heights.

What to Bring to Passover Dinner

The Passover Seder is the traditional celebratory dinner where Jewish families and friends get together to eat, drink, and read the Passover story of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. If you are invited to attend and are wondering what to bring to Passover dinner, rest assured that it’s always appropriate to bring a gift, or Passover offering. Food and wine gifts are especially fitting and will be much appreciated so long as you follow a few rules.

What is Kosher for Passover?

The most important stipulation is that the edible or potable gift you bring to a Passover meal be Kosher for Passover. Unless you keep a Kosher household and comply carefully with Kosher for Passover restrictions yourself, it is best not to try to make something at home and bring it to Passover dinner.

Food and drink consumed on Passover must be prepared in dishes and with utensils that have not been used to touch leavened foods (unless they have been rendered Kosher for Passover use). If your hosts aren’t sure how your gift was prepared, they won’t be able to eat or drink it.

So when deciding what to bring to your Passover celebration, opt for finding delicious pre-packaged food that is properly labeled and is in its original wrapping. The wrapping will confirm to your hosts that your gift has the proper certification and that it can be opened and enjoyed for the Seder.

To find the proper Kosher certification for Passover, look for the words, “Kosher for Passover” or a kosher certification that includes a “P” on packaged foods, including candy. There are dozens of symbols used for Kosher certification.

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol is the OU (that is, the letter U inside a circle representing the O). But a Kosher symbol alone is not enough. The Kosher rules are more stringent for Passover. So be sure you see “Kosher for Passover” printed clearly on the packaging, or the letter P next to the Kosher symbol.

What Do You Bring for Passover Dinner?

Here are some specific ideas when you don’t know what to bring to Passover.

Fresh Fruit
Fruit is one of few things that is naturally kosher. That’s great news because there’s an abundance of delightful Spring fruit in season during Passover week. A fresh fruit basket may be kosher while also being beautiful and healthy.

But remember, if you choose to bring or send a fresh fruit gift to a Passover celebration, there shouldn’t be any foods in the basket that aren’t labeled Kosher for Passover. The addition of any single non-kosher item makes the entire gift non-kosher!

Confections for Passover must be flourless. In strictly Kosher households, desserts must also be dairy-free. That is because most Seders include meat and people who keep Kosher cannot eat meat and dairy in the same day. So do be careful in your selections. If not sure, play it safe and bring a sweet treat to Passover that is flourless and dairy-free.

Passover Gift Basket

A perfect Kosher for Passover gift baskets with fresh fruit and delicious sweet treats!

Kosher, non-dairy Coconut Macaroons make a great Passover gift. When they’re well made with toasted coconut and then dipped in chocolate, they are a sure winner for all ages.

If you know that your hosts are not exacting about eating dairy with meat, you might consider a gift of a tin of kosher Almond Kisses made by Barton’s Confections. These Almond Kisses contain dairy and are made by pouring creamy chocolate caramel over roasted whole almonds. And you know how good almonds are for your health! Other classic Passover sweets include anything made with matzah. Look for matzah dipped in chocolate, caramel, toffee, or even matzah layer cakes!

If you add some of these delectable treats to a fresh fruit basket, then you’ve brought both dessert and a centerpiece to Passover dinner!

Kosher Wine
Kosher wine is a welcome gift to bring to Passover, especially if it’s high-quality wine. Everybody at the Passover Seder is obligated to drink four glasses of wine! That can add up to a lot of wine at larger Seder gatherings. Therefore, it makes sense why a wine gift would be greatly appreciated. Note that at the Passover Seder, it is customary to drink red wine.

The good news is that today there are many very good kosher wine options. Winemakers have moved beyond the super-sweet wines made from Concord grapes. There are hundreds of high-quality dry wines available from around the world.
One very good kosher wine is made by Hagafen out of Napa Valley. In particular, Hagafen Cellars makes an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a small production wine with a rich, spicy nose of bakers’ chocolate and black cherry. There’s also a hint of spice-filled black licorice, black cherry, plum, and cranberry on the palate.

Hagafen Kosher Wine Hagafen Kosher Wine Label

As with all of the gifts you bring to a Passover dinner you’ll want to be certain that your wine gift is kosher for Passover. On the Hagafen label above (right) you’ll see the OU symbol, which represents the Orthodox Union’s Kosher certification.

You also see the “P”, which signifies that the wine is kosher for Passover. And “Mev.” stands for “mevushal,” which means the wine has been flash pasteurized (before fermentation for white wines and just after fermentation for reds).

Mevushal is a standard stricter than kosher, which allows non-Sabbath-observant Jews (a waiter or sommelier) to pour the wine without it losing its standard of purity. If you have any questions about whether a wine is kosher for Passover, it’s probably best to ask the store you are purchasing it from.

Flowers also make a great Passover offering because they are not subject to any kosher rules. Flower stands in the Springtime are always bursting with colorful blooms that bring the promise of sunshine and warmer weather and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Any host would greatly appreciate you bringing a bouquet of flowers to the Passover dinner.

Not every Passover celebration is going to adhere rigorously to the Kosher for Passover rules. Some Jewish people are very liberal and many do not even keep Kosher. However, at Passover, which is such an important celebration for Jewish people, many become more traditional. If you don’t know the people very well, and you need to know what to bring to a Passover meal, it is always best to bring gifts of food and wine that are Kosher for Passover.

Celebrate Fall with Apple and Pear Varietals




We are never short of delicious apples and pears here at Manhattan Fruitier, but the fall is when we receive crates of new-crop varieties straight from our favorite orchards.

Many apple and pear varieties have been in danger of extinction due to commercial growers seeking more durable types that can sustain long periods in cold storage. This has led to breeding apples that conform to the model of perfectly round, red and shiny, while casting away the knobby, oddly shaped russet types that are packed with brilliant flavor. Over time this has trained many people to eat with their eyes and not their mouths.

We are fortunate to have access to lesser known apple and pear varieties as a few dedicated farmers remain committed to growing these “forgotten fruits” and bringing them to market.

Here are some of the apples we will be featuring this Fall




The Zestar apple tastes sweet and tangy, with accents of brown sugar, and is known for its unique flavor. The apple is best used for fresh eating, and for use in a variety of baked goods, sauces, desserts, and salads.




Mollie’s Delicious has a subtle pinkish red skin and exceptionally pleasing taste. While Mollie’s Delicious has the distinct “bottom bumps” of a Red Delicious, it is not a Red Delicious sport. Rather, it is a cross between Gravenstein and Golden Delicious bloodlines.




The Blondee is a sweet, cheerful early apple with an alluring fragrance. Great for eating out of hand or cooking. It was discovered growing amongst an orchard of Gala apples. It ripens a few days before the Gala and is one of the only yellow apples available in the early weeks of apple season. Blondees have been described as the “yellow Galas.”



Asian pears have been a staple in our gifts for years, but we’ve recently been swooning over a wonderful varietal grown in New Jersey (of all places). The Shingo pear, grown at Evergreen Farm, is the crispest, sweetest, most mouth-watering pear we have ever eaten. This exceptional Asian pear has pearly white flesh and is subtly sweet and fragrant, juicy and crisp to the bite. Best eaten cold, they explode with a refreshing burst in your mouth. In case you couldn’t tell, we adore this fruit!


Apple Black Oxford blog homepage crop 20161101_0399

The Black Oxford is small and quite dark, spattered with rust-colored speckles. The blush is a deep red with purple overtones, almost mahogany, sometimes described as having a blackish bloom. The apple is slightly ribbed and classically shaped, round to conical. Flavor is mild and sweet with a hint of sweet corn, vanilla, and the pure sweetness of cane sugar. The Black Oxford originates from Paris, Maine (Oxford County) about 1790.


Apples Blue Pearmain 20161101_0398

The Blue Pearmain is an old New England favorite dating back to the 1700’s. No one knows where it originated, but ancient trees can still be found in the most rural areas of New England. It has a blue-purple color and the russet blaze around the stem. The medium to very large fruit is sweet with just a bit of tartness. The flesh is fairly dry, firm, dense and slightly crisp.  It is tasty eaten out of hand although the skin is rather tough so you might want to peel it first.  Blue Pearmain makes a good baked apple as its thick skin holds up perfectly



Esopus Spitzenburg originated in Esopus, Ulster County, NY, in the latter part of the 18th century and is reputed to be Thomas Jefferson’s favorite dessert apple. He ordered 12 trees of the variety from William Prince’s Flushing, Long Island nursery in 1790 to plant at Monticello. “Spitz” is a large apple, oblong in shape, smooth-skinned and colored a lively, brilliant red, approaching scarlet. It is covered with small yellow specks. The yellow flesh is rich, juicy, and sprightly.


Apple Orleans Reinette 20161101_0397

Orleans Reinette is an old-fashioned 18th century French apple with a reputation for good flavor. Over time it has been known by many different names, including Winter Ribston. These apples can be found growing in the cooler climate of England as well as Oregon in the United States, and can still be found growing in areas of France. Orleans Reinette apples are medium-sized, plump apples with yellowish-green skin, orange russet, and a red blush. The skin is a rough classic russet texture, and very crunchy. Flavor has hints of sweet oranges and a nutty finish. It goes well with buttery cheeses such as raw milk Swiss-style.